Schwartz, McMinimee & Andrew, LLC offers private fiduciary services by attorneys who have a broad range of experience in estate and trust administration.

The principals of Schwartz, McMinimee & Andrew, LLC are regularly called upon to act as conservators, trustees, personal representatives, and special administrators and masters and to handle all kinds of Trust and Estate matters. We are equipped to act in these capacities in any county in the State of Colorado and in all types of cases, from the simplest small estate, to complex and/or contested Estates, Trusts and Conservatorships.

When you request that we serve as a fiduciary, you gain from the advantage of decades of combined handling both routine as well as complex matters. Because we act as the office of the Public Administrator for the City and County of Denver, we regularly act as the fiduciary in trust, estate and conservatorship issues. This gives our attorneys an edge and allows us to bring well-rounded perspective to our administration of all cases.

The attorneys at Schwartz, McMinimee & Andrew, LLC are deeply involved in the activities of the Colorado Bar Association. R.L. Steenrod Jr. and Melissa R. Schwartz are fellows of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel. R.L. Steenrod, Jr., Melissa R. Schwartz and Marcie R. McMinimee are all named in the Best Lawyers in America. The expertise of our lawyers is frequently relied on in matters involving estate and trust administration across Colorado.

How We Can Help

  • Our attorneys can act as a private fiduciary when the nominated fiduciary is unable or unwilling to act because complicated estate/trust matters become litigious.
  • We can act as a fiduciary when there are no family members willing or able to step into the role.
  • We also provide general advice to fiduciaries about every aspect of administration, including creditor issues, insolvent estates, as well as the sale of businesses and real estate and other complex assets owned by the decedent.
  • Our attorneys can help with the administration of the decedent's interest in business activities.
  • We can help with continuing or resolving any pending lawsuits that the decedent was involved in at the time of death.
  • Our attorneys can also help with evaluating and pursuing claims of the estate for misconduct, misappropriation or breach of fiduciary duty.


Contact Us

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