The clients who come to us are going through one of the most traumatic times in their lives. The death of a loved one can be extremely distressing and confusing. This is the time when you need expert, targeted and specific advice.

Administration of an estate or trust can quickly get complicated and challenging. There are a multitude of issues that must be considered during the administration, including estate, gift and income tax issues, administration of the decedent’s interests in business entities, and management and protection of assets such as real estate or the maintenance of pre-death lawsuits.

The attorneys in our firm have in-depth expertise and decades of combined experience representing clients in all aspects of administering trusts and estates. Our firm is dedicated to helping clients reach their objectives by offering them expert opinion and guidance. We have special experience in handling challenging probate and trust matters, including administration of estates or trusts with feuding beneficiary/fiduciaries, creditors’ claims and insolvent estates.

Schwartz, McMinimee & Andrew, LLC acts as the office of the Public Administrator for the City and County of Denver. We regularly act as the fiduciary in trusts, estates and conservatorships, both as the Public Administrator and as private fiduciaries. This gives us a rich depth of experience and helps us treat your case with a different perspective.

How We Can Help

The lawyers at Schwartz, McMinimee & Andrew, LLC offer a complete range of legal services related to administration of trusts and estates from start to finish, including:

  • Opening the estate and admitting the Will and Codicils.
  • Initiating trust administration.
  • Appointment of the personal representative or successor.
  • Determination of heirship. This includes location of unknown heirs.
  • The closing of estates and trusts, including preparation of inventories, interim and final accountings and all other supporting documents that are deemed necessary by the court.
  • General and specialized advice to the fiduciary regarding every aspect of administration, including creditor issues, tax issues, insolvent estates, and management and sale of business and real estate interests owned by the decedent.
  • Specialty representation that includes representation of creditors and beneficiaries of estates and trusts.
  • Our attorneys also act as fiduciaries in many estates and trusts.


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